4GB Micro USB Digital Mini Voice Recorder With MP3 Function Recording


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When the power switch "Power" key to "on" position,the machine automatically
and immediately set on.To "OFF" the machine set off.After boooting screen LOGO
lights,afetr initialization,the recording Playback in standby mode(REC Play indicator light)
REC switch to the REC position to enter  the recording screen flashes.Press the button
"Mode" to choose "play recording" or "Music player".And when press "Play/Pause" button
to play Music or stop palying the music.


Do not attempt to open,repair,or modification of this product.
Do not use this product in areas prohibit the use of electronic
products(such as aircraft,ect).
Do not put the product or its accessories to mouth.
Do not place the product into water or other liquids.
Do not use this product in a special cold,hot,humid and
dusty environmonts.


Battery capacity:Can record for 8 hours,playing for 5 hours.
Product Size:7.5 x 3 x1 cm
Record format:WAV.
Music format:MP3 / WMA / WAV
Memory:2GB for 24h record,4GB for 48h record.
Sampling rate:48HZ
Median: 192KBPS
Net Weight:16g


Do not drop the product or its parts, so as not to cause a malfunction
Do not let the product is exposed under strong light or heat, to extend the life of the product itself.
Do not use this product for a long time, please set the battery full, and the power switch to 'off' position
Do not force the removal of and swing up and down, side to side, the connected accessories
(such as: headphones, microphone, USB connection, etc.).
Please note that The company do not assume any responsibility  for  the losses caused by the
use of this product or demanding compensation.
The Company assumes no responsibility for data loss that occurs in the use of this product or repair.
Therefore, please backup the important information by yourself.
Please note that this product prohibit the use of illegally. For example: bug the privacy of others.
Package Included:

1 X MP3 Voice Recorder.
1 X Earphone lines.
1 X Instruction book.


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