Community & Roadway Essentials


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The complete classroom block play accessory collection! Our 35-piece wooden block play set encompasses all the vehicles, signs and people necessary to complete the Guidecraft Roadway and Community Buildings set. 6 vehicles: Fire Engine, Police Car, Fuel Truck, Ambulance, Ice Cream Truck and School Bus; 12 Signs: 1 Stop Sign, 1 One Way Sign, 1 School Crossing Sign, 1 Speed Limit Sign, 1 U-Turn Sign, 1 Do Not Enter Sign, 1 Handicapped Parking Sign, 2 Traffic Lights, 3 Turning Signs; 3 Traffic Barrels; 1 Mailbox; 6 Community Workers: one for each building in the Roadway Set; and two separate 4-piece family sets. Vehicles measure 2.5″” h x 3.5 to 4″” w; signs measure 3.25″” h; people measure up to 2.5″” high. Solid wood construction. For ages 3+.solid wood, 6 vehicles, 12 signs, 14 wooden people
solid wood
6 vehicles
12 signs
14 wooden people

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