IPIPOO A400Hi In-ear Super Bass Stereo With Mic Headphones Earphone for Tablet Cellphone


Product Mode:A400Hi
Material:Aluminum Alloy + TPE
* A good earphone can be used for a long time,like a long distance companion in life,it peovides vice close to the ears, long-lasting and durable.
* with the high quality 3.5mm gold-plated interface that suitable for 3.5mm interface devices,rapidly reading of mobile phone audio data,so that you can listen to music without hissing sound and enjoy high-fidelity music all the time.
* Built-in 16Ω±15% high impedance drive unti,achieve the high resoulution while reducing the sound distortion.
* By one metal processing,metal closed sound chamber is created after multi-processes.with strong,oustanding low frequency,voice is natural and soft.
* Oblique angle design is adopted for junction of earplug and audio cavity.The oblique in-ear style of wearing is comfortable,so that it clings to your ear without drop.
* Earphone cable is not easy to break off.Flexible TPE material to make the earphone more durable.
* Easy to receive without winding,easy to distinguish the left or right ear-muffs,prevent foreign matter and dust clogging units,adjust length according to usage requirements.
Package Included:
1 x Earphone
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