Texo 210 Piece Set


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Texo is the award-winning 3D design and construction system by architect, author and designer Lester Walker. The beauty of Texo is the variety of building systems found within one toy: simple puzzles, shape sorting and color matching at its most basic level, the system allows for a gradual progression to stacking the interconnected shapes and on to advanced architectural models such as bridges, houses, skyscrapers and more! Solid wood rods and planks coupled with the geometric precision of molded plastic connectors enhance the design and construction potential. Also included is a deluxe Activity Guide with how-tos, commentary and step-by-step instructions on maximizing the potential of Texo. Ages 3+.award winning, 3D design, colorful, solid wood rods & planks
award winning
3D design
solid wood rods and planks

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