ULT unite 1M 3M HDMI 2.0 Flat Cable for Tablet



Product information:
Cable Specification: UL20276   (28AWG/1P+D+AL+M+B)*4+(28AWG/1P+D+AL+M)+(28AWG/4C+D+F+A)
Color: Red
Plug:TF Gilded 1U", Terminal Gilded 15U".
Enclosure:Zinc Alloy,Electroplating Pearl Chrome,Gilded Screw.
Internal Model:Environmental PE Injection Mouldiing,Copper Foil parcel,Boxing.
PVC Outer Package:High Environment Protection,High Fire Prevention,Poisonless and Tasteless.All material conform with ROSH.

Product description:
Super-speed HDMI Cable
Transmission Speed:10.2 GB/s
HDCP Compatibility
HDMI Ethernet Channel: it allow different HDMI equipment to acess Internet ,without another reticle.
Audio Feedback Channel: it reduce quantity of transmissive cable.In the case of HDTV, it can directly accept Audio and Vedio,this new channel can let HDTV transport Audio to AV function by HDMI cable without another reticle.
3D Over HDMI: it define general 3D Format and Resolution ,achieve In-out System of Home 3D standardization,can support  two 1080P Video streaming.
4K×2K Resolution: it support 4K×2K Resolution (3840×2160 24Hz/25Hz/30Hz),it is 4 times as the 1080P,which can transport the same Resolution as Home Theater.
Apply to: It is applied to connecting the equipment and transmiting signal among PC,TV,Set Top Box,Game Machine,DVD,Laptop,Projector and Displayer.

Package includes:
1×HDMI Cable