Waterproof Shockproof Dirtproof Snowproof Cover Case Bag for 10 Inch Tablet



Waterproof Shockproof Dirtproof Snowproof Cover Case Bag for 10 Inch Tablet


Material: PVC
Size: 280x210mm
Color: White,Black,Blue,Pink

This waterproof cover is specially designed for the New iPad 5 Air (and similar sized Tablets or Notebooks of 9.7 – 10.1 inches) to protect your device from water, rain, snow, dirt, dust, dust storms, sand and everyday hazards.
Perfect for sports enthusiasts or those visiting a beach or water theme park.
Easy to install or remove as required.
All the iPad features can be operational with the case on your iPad.
Certified waterproof up to 10 meters while still retaining complete full touch screen functionality.

It is also sealed to protect against dust particles that typically attract to sealed iPad cases.
A unique combination of materials aids grip when wet or dusty but will not stick to other objects in your bag. Designed for iPad but also great for sealing documents, maps, keys, and other tablet devices such as Galaxy Tab, Kindle, Android tablets, etc. – providing they are smaller or equal to an iPad, they should fit.

All cases have been fully tested and certified to 10 meters, but we still recommend you test the case underwater, before swimming or diving, without your device prior to use.
Always ensure bag is fully sealed before exposing phone to water
Always ensure there are no tears or holes in bag before use
Do not expose bag to strong sunlight for any length of time.
Clean bag after use, and allow to dry
Store away from sharp/pointy objects
Do not use in water above 30 degrees Celsius
A bulky case for the iPad/Device may not fit inside the waterproof cover, when fitted to the device.
These bags are used at the owners risk and are the responsibility of the user, should any damage occur.

Package Included:
1x Waterproof Tablet Case

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